Let’s Grow Inside will assist with securing permits, preparing the site for construction, the build, plumbing, electrical, and equipment installation. We have experience with ground-up, retrofits, upgrades, and custom builds for commercial growers, large and small scale operations, as well as educational, institutional and research facilities serving the agricultural industry.  

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Let’s Grow Inside is an experienced Commercial Contractor with completed projects encompassing a wide variety of structures.  We have earned our client’s Trust and Loyalty through our Professionalism, continuous attention to detail, and the ability to meet deadlines while maintaining the Highest Quality work.  We build Commercial and Residential Projects with an emphasis on Cannabis Cultivation, specializing in public-private partnership collaborations and community participation 


Modular Cannabis Grow Rooms

The prefabricated building industry provides everything from office spaces to locker rooms to classrooms.


For growers who have the space for small additional structures, erecting a fully equipped prefab grow room can be a good option for getting started, or for a quick and easy expansion of an existing grow operation.   

Professional and Courteous 

Cannabis requires specific levels of nutrients, temperature, lighting, humidity, and adequate air flow to create optimal growing conditions for the plant.  


Let’s Grow Inside provides years of industry expertise and best practices honed from tens of thousands of hours working and collaborating in the Cannabis Industry.