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At Cannabis Village, your brand takes center stage: Display prominently with a 4'x10' Heavy Duty Banner. Engage guests with a 10'x20' Vendor Booth Space. Boost visibility through Digital Advertising. Feature in our Social Media Campaign. Get recognized during Live Streaming. Enjoy Prominent Branding on the Step and Repeat backdrop. Access exclusive Carnival VIP Lounge with 10 VIP Tickets. Judge the Cannabis Cookoff and join our podcast panel. Showcase with a 30-second commercial during live stream.


  • Please supply us with the specifics for the banner

  • Your company will receive extensive promotion throughout the entire event. Your brand will be recognized in announcements, mentions, and acknowledgments made during the event, further enhancing your brand's exposure. This investment ensures that your company's presence is felt and recognized by all who attend, maximizing the impact of your sponsorship.

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