LED Grow Lights

I’m sharing with you some things I wish I could tell myself many years ago when I started growing with LEDs…

One of the first things you should master with LED growing is understanding when your plants are exhibiting signs of stress from too much light.

Learning to course-correct a light intensity mistake will save your grow.

What can happen if your plants begin to receive too much light is that they will begin to stress out and slow their growth. If you don’t catch it in time, it will impact the speed of your plants for the rest of the grow period.

You don’t want this to happen.

If it’s your first time growing under LED, or your first time growing at all, remember that you can almost never go wrong by keeping the LEDs further away. You can easily have a mistake happen with the light too close.

Believe it or not, you can get amazing results all the way through the flowering stage with your Electric Sky lights kept 3 feet away the entire time. The lenses keep light going right at your plants.

Modern LEDs in the 200-300W range are powerful even at a distance. These two ES300 LEDs were kept 3 feet (~1 m) away from plants and produced excellent yields in a 4’x4’x6.5′ grow tent with “just add water” super soil.

As your lights get closer to the plants, intensity changes quickly. So if your light was 12 inches away, move one inch, and there’s a big intensity difference to your plants.

The further the light is away, the less intensity changes as you move up and down. You get forgiveness and “wiggle room”.

Additionally, if your plants are of various heights, each plant will receive a more equal amount of light when the lights are far away.

Stress Signals and What Happens with Light Burn

Here’s what to look for to understand if your plants are “stressing out”…

Look for leaves turning from darker green to a lighter lime/yellow color. This can either mean light burn (like a sunburn) or the beginning of whole plant stress.

The entire plant will turn this lighter color when it gets stressed out. If you’re seeing this happen, back off on the intensity and leave it there for a week.



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