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This course will familiarize students with the requirements of growing Cannabis and give them the foundational skills for cultivation. Students will learn all about the Cannabis lifecycle, seed propagation, growing techniques, environmental requirements for proper growth, plant management, as well as harvesting, curing and storing techniques.

Become one of the students participating in a 16 week, interactive learning course. Meet weekly in real time as you receive hands on instruction on everything from assembling the equipment to understanding the detailed process of the cannabis life cycle.


Let's Grow Inside is very detailed when it comes to teaching the Cannabis growing process, so we spend a lot of time with our students.  The interactive classes are intentionally small giving the students a much better growing experience.

I am an avid smoker. I use cannabis to reduce the stress that my job gives me.  I don't like going to the weed man, and the prices at the dispensaries are so high. 


Let’s Grow Inside was my answer. I ordered all the equipment and put it together myself.  I now grow my own cannabis and now I am the weed

man, LOL.  Let's Grow Inside is the reason I started my own edible business.  Just wait until you taste my brownies and other medicated pastries!

-Nicole Younger  

I took the course so that I could help my Nana.  She suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and uses tinctures and oils made from cannabis to ease her pain. I ordered some Bubba Kush and Rob G. taught me how to grow it.  It was really fun learning a new skill and helping my family at the same time. 

-Karen Fletcher 

I live in a city where the economy just bottomed out due to the pandemic. I took the Let's Grow Inside VR Course so that I could supplement my income. I learned so much from watching the videos in virtual reality. It's like you're right there with him learning entire growing process. He really gives you the game! 

Now, cannabis is my 1st income and Let’s Grow Inside is going to help my partner and me build a bigger facility.

- Joe Elliott 

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