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To Grow In The Privacy Of Your Home




  STEP 1 

Let's Grow Inside 16 Week Indoor Grow Course


This course will familiarize students with the cultivation techniques of Cannabis and give them the foundational skills for growing. Students will learn about the Cannabis lifecycle, seed propagation, growing methods, environmental requirements for proper growth, plant management, as well as harvesting, curing and storing methods.


Topics covered in this course: Cannabis Lifecycle. Seeds and Seedlings. Vegetative Growth. Flowering Period. Seed Germination. Seedling Care. Proper Storage. Pruning Techniques. Low & High Stress Training. Nutrient Scheduling. Macronutrients & Micronutrients. Fertilizers- mixing and applying. Meter Use: pH and EC. Pest Elimination and Pest Prevention. Sanitation Methods. Harvesting. Curing. Trimming. Relative Humidity. Light Cycles. Timing. Drying. ...and much more. 


Students will meet with the instructors on a weekly basis and receive step by step instruction for 16 weeks. They will also be able to collaborate with other students during the growing process. 


Order the same equipment that we have at the LGI Grow Studio, and we will assemble all of it together. This high end, energy efficient equipment is very affordable and takes up about as much space as a queen size bed. You will have a state of the art Indoor Grow Room set up and ready to grow in no time at all.

When you are ready to begin growing Cannabis, you will need to order quality genetics. Click to order from a reliable seed bank. We are experts at offering the best seeds at the best price.

This is an advanced grow course that teaches you how to grow Feminized (photoperiod) seeds only. 


High THC seeds2
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Get to know your local laws!

Before you decide to invest in this phenomenal industry, get to know what is happening locally. You can see the landscape for this budding industry has gathered a lot of support and will soon be legal to all on a national level. For now, take the time to review the interactive map I created below.  Click on your state to understand how it affects you as a recreational user, for a stream of income, or for medical use while growing in the privacy of your home. 

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